“If I Never Prayed Before”

This poem was written in response to the shooting death of Mike Brown and the subsequent rioting and protests in St. Louis

If I never prayed before, today would be the day
That I would fall on my knees and cry out to the Lord and say
Oh how we need you now, more than we ever have before
I’d ask the Lord to show His face, for His mercy I’d implore
We are all God’s children, we are sisters and brothers
But we don’t even respect ourselves, let alone respect others
We don’t value love, we don’t value life
We glorify hatred and zealously stir up strife
If I never prayed before, certainly the time would be now
That I’d pray for peace and healing, and love to abound somehow
I’d pray for that thing called bitterness; that it would be pulled out from the root
I’d pray that people could forgive instead of riot, steal, and loot
I’d pray that anger would turn to action, not to tear down but uplift
I’d pray that in the atmosphere, there would be a shift
That the reaction to injustice would not be violence
That the response to inequality would not be silence
Oh if I never prayed before, I’d pray with a fervent heart
That God I know you’re working, but tell me what’s my part?
What can I do to help end this madness?
What’s my assignment in erasing fear and sadness?
No matter how big or small, there’s got to be a way.
If I never prayed before, I’m gonna have to start today!

“Whom Do You Choose”

 Before you knew me I had mercy on you when you chose to live as a sinner.

And even after we first met, I still showed you mercy because you were only a beginner.

But we are now well acquainted, and have been for quite a while.

So now I ask you, “When are you going to start acting like you are My child.”

You know right from wrong, or at least I think you should by now.

Yet you still seem to blend in very well with the people of the world somehow.

I would think something about you would be different, considering I’m on the inside.

But maybe not because when you are with them, you’re love for me you hide.

Would you rather be accepted by them and not be accepted by me?

You cannot have it both ways because I want you completely.

The time has come to choose me or them and I hope your decision is wise.

You have to choose right now because being neither hot nor cold is something that I despise.

I’ll tell you this to help you make your decision, and do so with ease.

While they seem to make you happy, I’m the one you should be trying to please.

I give life and I take it away and to my love there is none greater.

Think hard before you choose those which were created over the Creator.

Their supply will surely soon run out, but you see, to mine there is no end.

Also know that who you choose today determines where in eternity you will spend.

I don’t mean to threaten you, but I truly just want what is best.

All you have to do now is make a choice and I will handle the rest.


 With my own eyes I have seen

The power of Jesus working

In my life, day after day

I have seen the changes


I love me

And I know that he loves me more

I can now

See more clearly than I could before

I am now


And it’s all because of Him


I used to think that I would never

Know true joy

I settled for less because I felt

I didn’t deserve the best

Then I met Jesus

And he showed me the way

Past my insecurities


He said

I come that you might have life abundantly

He said

Through Jesus Christ you can do all things

He said

If you keep your mind on me, I will keep you in perfect peace

So I believed in his word and he’s made me so happy


Now I must tell the world

Of all that he’s done for me

I gotta testify

To what he’s done in my life



He has done great things

He has done great things

He has done great things

I’m a witness


“Amazing Grace”

 Amazing grace how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me

A wretch I was, a wretch I am, a wretch I’ll stay it seems

O wretched man that I am, in all my wretched ways

But in all the times I’ve fallen, I’ve never fell from your grace

Your grace that reaches all the way down to heal my sin-sick soul

Your grace that mends every broken piece to restore and make me whole

What is this grace I don’t deserve, yet you so freely give

This grace that paid my debt to death, this grace that lets me live

And not just live but have a life where I’m no longer slave to sin

Your grace sees beyond my faults, your grace lets you call me friend

As I look back over my life, I cannot help but see your grace

And I pray your grace will follow me as I continue to run this race

Your grace is so amazing, I’ll never understand

But I am truly grateful to be kept by your gracious hand

To know that when I fall, I can never fall too far

Because your grace is always present every where you are

In the lowliest of low places, in the darkest of dark nights

It is your grace that lifts my bowed down head that I may see the light

It is your grace that falls like rain so when the real rain drops fall

All my fears are washed away, my sorrow and pain and all

It is your grace that gives me hope when my soul is tired, weary, and worn

And it is only by amazing grace that I can make it through this storm.

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